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About Us

The Business News is a newspaper based in Northeast Wisconsin that covers topics related to or impacting businesses in our area. In addition to our digital publication and our bi-weekly print publication, The Business News also publishes the Book of Lists and the NEW Business Review (forthcoming in 2023). Megan Dickman-Renard is the CEO & Publisher and Heather Graves is the Editor. Check out Our Team section to learn a little more about each of our exceptional staff members!

Our History

The print edition of The Business News was established in 2003 by Jerry Mader. Jerry moved to Green Bay, WI in the early 2000s and, having come from a business news background, he saw that the region might benefit from having a local paper focused exclusively on news that would be of use to the business communities of Northeast Wisconsin. He owned and operated the business for nearly 19 years before making a successful exit.

In January 2022, Megan Dickman-Renard took over The Business News as CEO & Publisher. Sharing the same passion for our local business communities, Megan stepped into the role with the intention of expanding the impact of the paper and increasing the value of the content and connections for businesses in Northeast Wisconsin. In addition to amplifying content, Megan expanded the editorial team, created a dynamic digital platform for the paper, and continues to seek out additional ways to magnify the incredible thought leadership present in our region.

As we enter the next chapter of The Business News, we are excited to serve our community by providing high-caliber, well-researched news when you need it, right at your fingertips.

Thank you for joining us on this next adventure.

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