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Guest Columnist

Jeff House

Jeff House is the president and CEO of Oneida ESC Group LLC.

His career with the Oneida Nation started in 1992 as the assistant marketing director of Oneida Bingo and Casino.

Before long, House moved to the position of marketing director for the Oneida Nation before becoming the communication director in 1994, a position he held until 2000.

He then started a financial planning and investment business, which he sold in 2016 and stepped down from the Oneida Total Integrated Enterprise (OTIE) Board of Managers as part of a succession plan for the retiring OTIE CEO.

Since that transition, House led the restructuring of the Oneida ESC Group, which now includes OTIE, Mission Support Services and Sustainment and Restoration Services and the launch of a fourth company called Oneida Engineering Solutions.

House has been involved in several corporate boards and committees, including Bay Bank Corporation, Oneida Nation Electronics, OTIE and Oneida ESC Group.