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Bank of Luxemburg celebrates 120 years in business

Community focus pays off for local bank – growing from one branch to nearly 10 throughout Northeast Wisconsin

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June 14, 2023

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN – As the Bank of Luxemburg (BOL) celebrates 120 years in business, President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Treml said he can’t help but reflect on the presence the bank has had in the community.

The bank first opened its doors in October 1903 mere feet from where today’s Luxemburg location stands – launched as a rural exchange bank known as Wisconsin House Bank of Luxemburg.

“We are very proud of our 120-year history of local ownership,” Treml said. 

The original owners were shareholders in the community – a group of farmers and businessmen – and today, Treml said the bank is still owned by about 450 shareholders, more than 100 of which are local business owners and employees. 

“The ownership itself has changed, but it’s only expanded to include more community members,” he said. “There’s an awful lot of pride in the employees and the board of directors that we haven’t gone through a merger or acquisition, and that we are still thriving as a community bank.”

Construction on a new bank facility started in 1916 and remained status quo until about 50 years later.

In 1962, the bank underwent an entire renovation.

From there, the bank began expanding its services – implementing a new bookkeeping department in 1967 and installing its first drive-up window in 1970.

In 1982, Luxemburg Bancshares was formed as the parent company of the bank, which eventually led to new locations – the Dyckesville branch in 1987 and the Green Bay branch in 1989.

Bank of Luxemburg currently operates nine banking offices throughout Northeast Wisconsin, with locations in Luxemburg, Casco, Algoma, Kewaunee, Sturgeon Bay, Fish Creek, Dyckesville, Bellevue and Howard.

// Treml

Treml started with the bank 28 years ago as an agricultural loan officer.

Three years after he was hired, he moved from Green Bay to Luxemburg with his wife, where they’ve lived ever since.
“Gradually, I continued to take on additional responsibilities… and just rose through the ranks,” he said.

120 Years in Business
Treml said the BOL philosophy in 1903 is similar to what it is today.

“The group that started the bank were rural community members and farmers who wanted to do something good for the community, and that has continued through everything we’ve done,” he said. “Bank of Luxemburg has nine offices today in relatively rural communities, places that have a strong sense of community. We can grant a loan to someone and then go to church with them on Sunday morning.”

Treml said BOL wants its lenders and employees to be known within the community.

“And it’s our commitment to our communities, our commitment to our customers, that keeps us in business and successful,” he said. “We’ve focused on the bank’s culture in the past 15 years.”

Treml said the longevity of BOL employees has also contributed to the bank’s success.

“We recently had an employee leave after 43 years as a full-time bank employee,” he said. “It’s that commitment to the institution the community recognizes and values. I have long-term customers who will call me at 6:30 a.m., and we’ll talk business because they have the time and I have the time. So, it’s about being available and being able to help the customers when they need it. That’s what’s made the bank successful.”

Community presence
Marketing Manager Nicole Potts said much of Bank of Luxemburg’s success can be attributed to its relationship with the community.

Potts said BOL’s longest-standing customer relationship goes all the way back to Dec. 1, 1969.

“We used paper records up until that point, but the furthest back we can trace in our computer system is 1969,” she said.
Treml said part of the nature of the banking business is helping local businesses grow.

“That’s at the core of who we are and what we do,” he said. “Our purpose and mission statement is to have a positive influence on people’s lives. So, one way we can do that is by helping find a way to fulfill their dreams, whether it’s to buy a cottage, buy their first house or buy a business.”

Treml said BOL has had the privilege of helping multiple local businesses find their feet.

“Some recent places that come to mind are Blue Yorkie Juicery in Algoma; Pool Works Inc in De Pere; Gnome Games, which has several locations; and Dyckesville Bowl,” he said.

// Treml said BOL employees give back to the community through a program called Bank of Luxemburg Cares. Photo Courtesy of the Bank of Luxemburg

Treml said the bank also aims to give back to the community through a program called Bank of Luxemburg Cares.

“We have 16 hours of community service time available for each full-time employee, which is prorated for part-time,” he said. “They can donate that time to a number of local causes, like Habitat for Humanity, Peninsula State Park Clean-Up, food pantries, the zoo and Kewaunee County. If the employee deems a cause valuable enough to work and spend time there, we reward them with pay.”

Potts said BOL also has jean days, where employees donate money each quarter to wear jeans on Fridays.

“That money goes to a local organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Old Glory Honor Flight, Miracle League and Unity Hospice,” she said.

Treml said as he moved up in the ranks, he also became more involved and invested in the community.

He has served as the president of Luxemburg’s Chamber of Commerce and is currently on its board of directors.

He’s also been on the Luxemburg rescue squad for more than five years.

Dyckesville Remodel
The Dyckesville BOL branch opened in 1986, and Treml said it hadn’t been updated much since then.

That was until recently.

“We remodeled in 2021 and 2022 to show our commitment to the community,” he said. “A competitive financial institution had just left Brussels, and the community grew concerned we’d do the same thing here. So, to demonstrate our commitment, we invested in that building.”?

// Dyckesville BOL branch opened in 1986, and Tim Treml said it hadn’t been updated much since then. Photo Courtesy of the Bank of Luxemburg

In 2021, Treml said the bank’s interior was updated with better technology and improved Wi-Fi.

“Then in 2022, we rebranded the outside to look more like a bank building and get our orange in,” he said.

The exterior remodel of the Dyckesville branch was completed earlier this year.

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