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Discovery Health Healing Center relocates, expands to Allouez

The health center focuses on holistic and restorative health

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June 28, 2023

ALLOUEZ – When Kelly and Tim Felmer found the former bank building at 1601 S. Webster Ave. that sat empty for four years, they agreed it would be the perfect space and location to expand their Discovery Health Healing Center.

“Nothing else compared to when we saw the inside of the building,” Kelly, a doctoral-prepared nurse practitioner who holds a doctorate in nursing practice, said.

While Kelly handles the services side of the center, she said her husband, Tim – who worked in IT for nearly 20 years as well as did some business consulting and coaching – serves as its business manager.

Originally located on Hoffman Road in Allouez, Kelly said the 6,000-square-foot building on Webster, which they began moving into just prior to Thanksgiving last year, gave the center an opportunity to expand – tripling the size of their previously rented space.

?Kelly said her journey to a career in holistic wellness stems from 25 years of experience working with “the sickest of the sick people in critical care,” including the intensive care unit, heart surgery, heart and lung transplant surgery and cardiology.

She said she has worked for various providers, including Bellin Health in Green Bay and Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee.

Dealing with her own health challenges – most notably rheumatoid arthritis, which limited the use of her fingers, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – Kelly said she took a more active role in her own health.

That eventually led to the creation of an LLC, which she did in 2013.

In January 2020, just as the word COVID was entering everyone’s vocabulary, the Felmers expanded Kelly’s work by founding Discovery Health Healing Center.

“We opened when everybody was closing…,” Kelly said. “We chose to never close because of what we do.”

The first year, Kelly said, wasn’t exactly what they expected, partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“(But, by 2021), we absolutely were growing,” she said. “People were finding value in the way we approach their health and how we partner with them to achieve their goals and because we offer many different services to get them there.”

At that point, the Felmers said “what are we going to do next?” was the question they started to ask themselves as they juggled space to offer services.

Tim said they “mapped out” all of their services and concluded they needed 6,000 to 7,000 square feet of space to accommodate what they hoped to offer customers.

From there, Tim said they looked at renting again and even considered a 10-year lease on a space, but in the end, decided to purchase a property of their own.

“It actually took us a good five or six months (until we found the building at 1601 S. Webster Ave.),” he said.

Kelly said the inside of the building is “very light and welcoming.”

“We love the windows, and we love the natural light,” she said. “Everything is about comfort and being welcomed here.”

Kelly Felmer said the windows and natural light in the Discovery Health Healing Center’s lobby provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for patients. Submitted Photo

Kelly said the space afforded the center the opportunity to keep an open concept, yet have the therapies be in their own location.

“We added bathrooms, which was the biggest deal in the remodel,” he said.

Tim said they established a separate holding company to purchase the building, which was remodeled by Alliance Construction & Design of Wrightstown.

Improved visibility on Webster Avenue
Kelly said they are pleased with their improved visibility on Webster Avenue, which is closer to the hospitals and not far from Highway 172 – making it “super easy” for patients who come from the Fox Valley, Sheboygan and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to find them.

Tim said prior to purchasing the building, the Village of Allouez confirmed a high traffic count on Webster Avenue, so the business invested in the electronic sign in front of the building and near the street “to help people get more familiar” with the therapies and services the center offers.

Kelly said they chose the dragonfly for their logo to symbolize change.

Kelly and Tim Felmer

She said it is prominently displayed on the electronic outdoor sign with the tagline, “Health Care That Heals,” and inside Discovery Health Healing Center with the words, “Change happens here.”

Holistic services
Kelly said she defines the care at Discovery Health Healing Center as “holistic medicine and restorative health.”

“So, we are here for people who want to do their health differently, age gracefully and feel good no matter what age they are,” she said.

The center offers holistic medical consultations and a variety of services, which Kelly said help people deal with symptoms.

“We never use the word ‘cure,’” she said. “Sometimes there is damage we can’t help, but we definitely do help the majority of people to improve.”

Those services include:
? IV nutrition
? Weight loss and lifestyle nutrition programs
? Bio Energy metabolic testing
? Styku – 3-D body composition
? NovoTHOR red light therapy
? THOR near infrared light laser technology
? IASIS (intranasal auricular stimulation with simultaneous cerebral
electroencephalographic recording) Microcurrent Feedback, a type of neurotherapy
? Ozone therapy
? HOCATT (hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid transdermal therapy)
? Foot detox

Kelly is the sole provider at the center but is assisted by three specialists – two nurses and a nutrition coach who will soon have her master’s degree in functional medicine and nutrition.

Kelly said Discovery Health Healing Center doesn’t replace other healthcare providers, but, instead, “is supporting the body for normal function.”

For more information on Discovery Health Healing Center and the services it offers, visit its website at

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