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Financial firm in Manitowoc celebrates Forbes recognition

Skylight Wealth Management recognized as Best-in-State

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May 5, 2023

MANITOWOC – In the business world, success can be measured in a variety of ways – oftentimes, a balance between business aspirations and continual growth within a competitive marketplace.

Nathan Raddatz said for the advisors at Skylight Wealth Management, they measure success through the passion they have for serving customers.

Recently, the Manitowoc firm’s continued dedication to its clients was recognized by Forbes Magazine when it was named “Best-in-State Wealth Management Team.”

A bit more about Skylight
Located on the Lakeshore, Skylight Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory practice divisioned under Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, has served residents and businesses within the Manitowoc community and beyond since 1994.

Led by Raddatz, the firm offers pecuniary advice about estate preservation and retirement, as well as assistance with tax management strategies and guidance of short- and long-term budgetary goals.

Over the last nearly 30 years, Raddatz said the firm – which started out as Raddatz & Associates – has seen significant growth.
“Seeing the practice grow into what it is today is truly something special,” he said.

Organizationally, Raddatz said the team consists of three departments – administration, financial planning specialists and advisors – that work cohesively on the firm’s framework focus of “trust, transparency and teamwork.”

“Although I am their advisor, it is a team effort to make goals become a potential reality,” he said.

Raddatz said advisors at Skylight Wealth Management not only aim for excellence but are committed to supporting each of their client’s unique journeys.

Best-in-State recognition
Raddatz said the firm’s continued “commitment, enthusiasm and expertise” has not only helped to evolve its credibility but earned it Forbes “Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams” recognition.

The nomination criteria, according to Forbes Magazine, involved rankings based on data that was provided by thousands of advisors and their teams across the nation and was dependent on a multitude of factors, including Skylight Wealth Management’s compliance records, practice and approach, as well as their assets under management and industry experience.

Raddatz said with this being the first year Forbes is awarding teams as an entirety, it is a “tremendous accomplishment” for the Skylight team to make the first list.

Raddatz recognized as well
Raddatz was also recognized as a Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisor for the fifth consecutive year. 

“I know many advisors who do a great job within the state,” he said. “To be recognized as one of the top ones for five years running is noteworthy.”

Radditz credits his “integrity” and “passion” for the profession for his continued Forbes’ recognitions.

// Raddatz

“Everything I’ve worked for, and everything my team does to support me and our clients, it goes to show we practice what we preach,” he said.

Raddatz said being recognized by Forbes inspires the team to work harder.
“It is a goal of mine to be one of the top 100 practices within Ameriprise Financial,” he said. “Every year we creep closer to this goal.”
Raddatz said the team at Skylight Wealth Management prides itself on being authentic and growth-minded, all while providing a necessary service.

He said they also believe in giving back to their community and inspiring consumers and small businesses to stay proactive and on the right track to obtain their own financial freedom.

“We are here to stay up to date on the market, rules and more – so, you can focus on your business, personal or professional,” he said.

Raddatz said he stresses the importance of working with a compassionate and driven advisor. “When you have an electrical problem at home, do you attempt to do it yourself or do you call an electrician because they are an expert?” he said. “Well, most would probably call an electrician, and the same idea goes for working with a financial advisement team.”

Raddatz said he acknowledges money can be a stressor for people, but the opportunity for growth exists because dedicated financial advisors, like those at Skylight, are stepping in to pave the way.

Raddatz and his team work with a diverse group of clients, all coming from different financial backgrounds.

“This includes business owners who want to set up plans for their employees, families, friends, and more,” he said. “Our doors are open to anyone.”

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