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Major changes moving along at Stadium View

The renovations of the banquet hall should be completed by April, and includes a ‘big surprise’

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March 10, 2023

ASHWAUBENON – Approximately seven years after the banquet hall at Stadium View Bar & Grille in Ashwaubenon underwent what Manager Amber Wrona called a “facelift,” the space is now getting a full renovation.

“We redid almost everything but the bars (back then), which are more than 30 years old,” she said.

Located in the heart of the Stadium District, Stadium View opened its doors in 1992 by the late Jerry Watson.

Considering the significant development that has happened in the Titletown District in recent years, she said Stadium View wanted to elevate its space.

The current renovations – which include a remodel of the bars – are expected to be complete before April 1. 

“Both bars were originally in the middle (of the space), so you had to walk around them, but with the remodel, we’re pushing them back against the walls,” she said.

Wrona said the remodel couldn’t begin until Stadium View was sure the Green Bay Packers weren’t going to be in the playoffs, as the banquet hall opens up into the sports bar on game days.

“Once we knew we didn’t make the playoffs for certain, we were able to begin,” she said.

Wrona said when they first began the remodel, many people were surprised.

“They said, ‘Didn’t you just do this?’” she said.

However, Wrona said the “facelift” completed several years ago was not what the owners had in mind this time.

“With this remodel, we want to create a space that could be for a wedding one day and a funeral the next,” she said. “For example, some event halls I’ve been in have red carpets, and what if you hate the color red, or you pick the color green for your wedding, and now it looks like Christmas in July?”

With a more neutral design, which the Stadium View remodel includes, Wrona said she hopes a greater variety of events can be hosted in the banquet hall.

Amber Wrona

“One thing the owner likes to say is we’re not aiming for modern, but timeless because eventually, even the styles we consider modern will be dated,” she said. 

To create this “timeless space,” Wrona said Stadium View teamed up with a local interior design team, Verdigris, as well as MJI Building Services, LLC.

One way Stadium View is bringing classic design to the project, Wrona said, is with two fireplaces, which will be heatless for safety purposes.

There will also be all new glasses, cutlery and dishes to fit the new theme, as well as high-top cocktail tables, which Wrona said are in high demand.

In terms of decor, Wrona said the team went with neutral colors with an accent of gold, and minimal artwork to allow guests to customize the space to their vision because, according to Wrona, “less is sometimes more.”

She said Stadium View is also planning to introduce new, healthier food options, while at the same time staying true to its sports bar roots.

“The space still needs to be functional because we will continue to open it up during game days and things can get a little rowdy,” Wrona said.

Another new feature being added to the banquet hall are two soundproof partition walls that can be pulled across the space to create two individual spaces if needed, which Wrona said will allow Stadium View to host multiple events at once. 

“Each larger sectioned room has its own entrance, bathrooms and bar access,” she said. “The second partition creates a space that doesn’t have private bathroom or bar access, but it works well as overflow.”

Variety of events
In addition to the typical banquet hall uses, such as weddings and corporate events, Wrona said Stadium View also donates the space to charities or fundraisers at least three times a year, like with the Alzheimer’s Walk, which they hosted last November.

Wrona said Stadium View also does a variety of events geared toward children – working with local school districts and the Boys and Girls Club to host everything from sporting events to school dances.

Regardless of the event, Wrona said Stadium View is a place of togetherness.

Two fireplaces will be installed as part of the banquet hall remodel, which Manager Amber Wrona said will be heatless for safety purposes. Photo Courtesy of Stadium View Bar & Grille

And as the community continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, she said the establishment wants to facilitate the return to being together.

“Entering 2023 and coming off of COVID, people are looking to have big gatherings again, and we want a space that will attract and accommodate them,” Wrona said.

Biggest surprise yet to come
The biggest draw being added to Stadium View’s banquet hall is so big, it’s still under wraps.

“There is a bigger piece we’ll be presenting to people once it’s in and completed,” Wrona said, “It involves technology, moving parts and the visual effects of the room – it’s set in stone now, but we’re waiting until it’s up and running to reveal the surprise.”

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