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Special delivery to Door County Candle Company

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March 10, 2023

GREEN BAY – KI, a furniture manufacturer, recently donated 12 new chairs in colors that match the Ukrainian flag to Door County Candle Company.

“I’ve heard about Door County Candle’s mission to raise funds for war-torn Ukraine and decided to visit to learn more and support the effort with a candle purchase,” KI Plant Manager Stuart Kolb said. “I was truly moved by the efforts of the owner, workers and volunteers, and while there, I noticed they didn’t have enough chairs for when the workers and volunteers took breaks.”

Door County Candle’s mission started shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine more than a year ago.

Christiana Trapani, second generation Ukrainian-American and owner of Door County Candle Company said the initial goal was to raise $5,000 in net profits from the sale of a 16-ounce, vanilla-scented, blue and yellow candle, which resemble the Ukrainian flag. 

Since then, Door County Candle has raised more than $880,000, with the funds going to Razom, (which means Together in English) Ukraine, a nonprofit organization providing medical supplies and other assistance to Ukrainians.

“We are so grateful for this act of kindness from KI,” Trapani said. “It shows how much people care. These chairs are much appreciated and will provide a welcome respite for the team of workers and volunteers that put in long hours to make more candles.”

Building on the mission’s success, Trapani increased the fundraising goal to $1 million.

Those interested in learning more and supporting the effort can visit

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