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The Healthy Way Market celebrates 30 years, plans expansion

‘Being an entrepreneur is hard, but an attitude of gratitude goes a long way’

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June 3, 2024

STURGEON BAY – For three decades, the Healthy Way Market has been dedicated to offering an abundance of local and organic grocery and natural products in its Door County shop.

As the store celebrates 30 years in business, the owners said they remain dedicated to providing wholesome options for their customers and proudly look forward to a future of growth.

A fresh start

Located at 216 S. 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay, the market is independently owned and has undergone some big changes since opening in 1994. 

The property was once an acupuncture and smoothie bar run by Albert Stuart before being purchased by Fred and Dawn Witting who converted it into a food and supplement store. 

It was sold once again, in April 2015, to Adam Goettelman.

“I became the third owner of Healthy Way,” Goettelman said. “Before this, I had been an organic produce supplier to the store where I witnessed firsthand the profound support it garnered from the community.”

Goettelman said as circumstances in his life shifted, the journey led him to the idea of owning a business, which turned out to be the market.

“I recognized an opportunity to contribute to a beloved establishment deeply valued by the community,” he said.

Goettelman said he has continued to incorporate his passion for locally-grown and natural foods into his business ventures, which in turn influenced the store’s first phase of growth.

Many products available for purchase at the store, Adam Goettelman said, are sourced from area farms. Photo Courtesy of The Healthy Way Market

“We have evolved from a modest supplement store with limited grocery offerings to a full-service grocery store, with a full-service supplement department,” he said.

When Goettelman purchased the market, it was located in an 800-square-foot building.

After two relocations, he said, it is now in an 8,000-square-foot facility in the heart of downtown.

Inspired by nature 

Goettelman said nature has always been at the center of his business ventures – noting it was a crucial component of his entrepreneurial planning. 

“I am a strong advocate for clean, organic and regenerative agricultural practices – recognizing their pivotal role in fostering healthier ecosystems and communities,” he said.

Goettelman said his organic, diversified vegetable farm further highlighted his passion for fresh produce and natural foods.

“Because of that, I hold a deep-rooted belief in the fundamental connection between soil health, human well-being and environmental health,” he said. 

This lifestyle concept is what Goettelman said he strives to translate through what he offers in his store. 

Shoppers can find hundreds of products at the market, ranging from organic produce to gluten-free and vegan commodities.

The shop, Goettelman said, doesn’t just sell food, but offers a collection of general merchandise, items for pets, health and beauty supplies and more.

The Healthy Way Market, he said, focuses on selling high-quality goods that are healthier as well as local.

Goettelman said the shop is also part of the Independent Natural Foods Retailers Association (INFRA), which is a cooperative governed by a group of independent organic and natural food retailers.

He said he hopes the collective efforts of the INFRA will encourage others to consider what food nourishes their bodies and what their individual needs are.

“Our mission is to provide people with a variety of options, allowing them to define what ‘healthy’ means for themselves,” he said.

Alongside grocery items, customers can purchase made-to-order meals, which Goettelman said are available daily.

The menu includes custom sandwiches and wraps, salads and take-and-bake pizza options – all of which Goettelman said are free of GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and bioengineered ingredients.

A bright future ahead

As the store marks its 30-year business milestone, Goettelman said ownership has been a valuable and humble learning experience for him.

“Being an entrepreneur is hard, but an attitude of gratitude goes a long way,” he said. “I’m fortunate I have an incredible team and a supportive community.”

Goettelman said the market paves the way for consumers to connect with the area and know where their food comes from.

Many products available for purchase at the store, he said, are grown on farms in Door County and showcase the true support of the many small businesses found there.

In addition to produce, the shop carries general merchandise, items for pets, health and beauty supplies and more. Photo Courtesy of The Healthy Way Market

“We have about 1,000 items on sale every month,” he said.

Though shipping is not an option, Goettelman said the store may soon incorporate local delivery.

“We’re launching a new website and online ordering platform in the next few months,” he said. “We hope to offer grocery delivery in the future.”

Looking forward, Goettelman said there are also plans in the works for expansion, which will include changes to the store itself, as well as sourcing for their goods.

“We’re eager to expand the front of the store with an addition, and we’re also excited about the possibility of a remote farm dedicated to growing our own products,” he said.

Alongside its history and goals for the future, Goettelman said he’s proud of how the business has grown and celebrates its customers who have helped shape the market’s success.

“We are deeply appreciative of our community’s support and outpouring of love,” he said. “It fuels us to do better every day.”

The market is open 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. 

For more information on weekly specials, follow The Healthy Way Market on Facebook or

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