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The potential power of adding an independent PT to your team

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September 5, 2023

Talent management these days isn’t easy.

Whether it’s hiring, retention, benefits, worker compensation, training or workplace culture, there’s a lot to consider and a lot to handle.

It can be easy to shrug off new ideas or concepts until you learn how much those new ideas can truly help your business and your employees.

That’s often the case with the concept of adding an independent physical therapist (PT) to your team.

PTs aren’t merely offering injury solutions – they are movement and musculoskeletal experts, uniquely equipped to optimize employee performance both at work and in daily life.

Contrary to the stereotype of PTs only addressing injuries, the right therapist emphasizes holistic movement health, and their role spans the entire care continuum – from prevention to recovery.

The presence of an on-site PT can transform into a 360-degree approach to well-being.

What we have found when working with businesses and manufacturers is that when PTs are onsite, a wide range of employees come forward looking for help – some with injuries, others seeking preventive care and many discussing general health goals like exercise, weight loss or training milestones.

Tailored and individualized approaches are necessary to meet employees where they stand on their fitness and wellness journeys, ensuring their overall success and boosting their efficiency as your workforce.

Streamlined approach
One may ask – Why not just encourage employees to go through their network health system for physical therapy?

Because when employees are seeking preventative care, they often don’t want to deal with access barriers, co-pays or having to take PTO for an initial appointment – which may lead to getting a referral and making another appointment, necessitating more PTO and another co-pay. For those with injuries, going the traditional route can sometimes mean taking off substantially more time than they want to, making them resistant to ongoing treatment or appointments. When a physical therapy program is developed specifically for them and offered onsite, PTs can check in with them on a regular basis.

Employees will likely be back on their feet faster and be happier with the streamlined approach to care.

Regular onsite availability can also lead to increased interactions, addressing issues that might otherwise be overlooked.

Removing obstacles and fostering a proactive mindset is part of the PT’s role within your company.

On the employer side of things, an on-site independent PT could be an effective way to avoid more costly claims that can occur when minor issues are ignored and morph into more serious medical or health issues.

PTs can be catalysts for efficient, proactive care and early intervention that not only prevent potential claims but also keep employees at their best physically and professionally. 

Keep in mind, employee injuries at home are just as significant as those that occur at work. An injury sustained while moving furniture on a Saturday could severely impact an employee’s ability to perform on Monday.

Many times, such incidents go unnoticed or unreported.

To counteract this, providing access to your therapist outside of work hours and even extending the support to family members can encourage usage, facilitate effective triage and prevent increased costs to both the employee and the business.

By encouraging employees and their families to directly engage with your company’s PT for questions and concerns can build goodwill and trust, reinforcing your relationship with employees.

In the race for talent retention, businesses require a dedicated advocate – a professional working alongside them and their employees.

Thinking outside the usual parameters and partnering with an independent PT may help you expertly navigate injury concerns and actively champion efficient care.

This can help set your business apart, entice employees and position you as a leader within your industry.

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