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ThedaCare opens first phase of Neenah emergency department

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April 5, 2023

NEENAH – A major milestone in ThedaCare’s $100-million investment to modernize ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah (130 2nd St.) has been reached with the recent opening of a newly constructed space in the emergency department.

According to Lynn Detterman, senior vice president of ThedaCare South Region, the new space includes eight additional emergency care rooms, three triage rooms, a waiting room and a designated emergency department entrance.

The existing emergency department has remained open during construction.

“We designed our construction phases to ensure our teams could continue providing critical services for our patients and families,” Detterman said.

In this first phase of the emergency department modernization, Detterman said ThedaCare doubled the previous care space.
When completed, she said there will be 20 exam rooms, including specialized rooms for trauma and behavioral health.

“The new space includes designated rooms for behavioral health services, keeping the safety of patients top of mind,” she said.

Detterman said the design plan also includes an increased number of negative pressure rooms – also called isolation rooms, which provide a safe space to care for those with an infectious illness.

She said the emergency department layout is focused on patient safety and quality of care.

“The healthcare team’s workstation will be located in the center of the area, with treatment rooms on the perimeter, giving teams a direct line of sight into each room,” she said. “As we strive to understand the unique needs of the communities we serve, we recognize there is an increased demand for behavioral health support in the emergency department.”

As phase two of the emergency department work continues, Detterman said patients and community members can access the updated emergency department space by entering door No. 4.

The groundbreaking was held in spring 2022 on the medical center’s modernization project, which ThedaCare calls “The Inspired Past; Healthier Future.”

The full modernization of ThedaCare Medical Center-Neenah is expected to be completed in early 2024.

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