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Two new business ventures set to open in Door County in new year

FIRE Fitness Camp, Dorner's Spin Cycle coming to Clearwater Plaza in Sturgeon Bay

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November 14, 2023

STURGEON BAY– In the world of business, some might say it’s beneficial to be the Jack/Jane of All Trades – Adam and Kristi Dorner, who are embarking on a handful of new entrepreneurial endeavors in Door County, would agree with that.

A passion for business 
Throughout his life, Adam said he’s always dreamed of owning a business.

“I have always been drawn to the idea of business ownership,” the 2007 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh graduate said.

After graduating with a degree in business with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, Adam said he managed a franchise business called College Pro Painters, which allowed him to learn the ins and outs of running a business.

“In this same timeframe, I worked as a personal trainer and personal training manager at Xperience Fitness to gain more experience in the industry,” he said.

Soon after, Adam said he began planning to build a gym in the Luxemburg area, however, plans changed.

In 2019, Adam took the entrepreneurial leap of faith and started Dorner’s Cleaning Service, LLC – which provides residential, post-construction, small business and Airbnb cleaning services in Brown, Kewaunee, Manitowoc and Door counties.

“Dorner’s Cleaning Service is what started it all for me,” he said. “It is the backbone of my business portfolio.”

Adam said taking the weight of cleaning homes off the shoulders of their customers is a rewarding feeling. 

“It has me addicted to helping as many people as possible,” he said.

Along with the cleaning service, which is centrally located in Casco, the Dorners also own four short-term rental properties in the Crivitz area, an investment move that Adam said further accentuated their passion for business.

“Every one of these businesses is a service-based company, meaning we are in business to serve customers better than anyone else,” he said.

New venture No. 1
With the passion for business ownership pumping through their blood, the Dorners are now gearing up for their next entrepreneurial adventure, which includes opening two new businesses in Sturgeon Bay.

The first, FIRE Fitness Camp, a gym franchise, will open in early 2024, which is the 25th franchise location in Wisconsin.

After being members of the FIRE Fitness Camp location in New Franken, Adam said they were inspired to open one closer to home, and it seems as if it were meant to be.

“FIRE is so much more than just a gym,” he said. “We love the friendships, community involvement and the positive effects we get to witness.”

The gym will be located within Clearwater Plaza (1449 Green Bay Road) in Sturgeon Bay, which Adam said was an already pre-planned location for the gym.

“At this point, we had only talked about how we wished someone would open a FIRE Fitness Camp in Sturgeon Bay,” he said. “Come to find out, Clearwater Plaza had already been approved as a possible FIRE location and they were waiting for owners to take it on.”

With the help of the Door County Economic Development Center (DCEDC), Adam said they received approval from the bank to begin the business at Clearwater Plaza. 

“FIRE Fitness Camp has great leadership, and they have given us the tools and confidence to make a huge difference in the community of Sturgeon Bay,” he said.

Both businesses – FIRE Fitness Camp and Dorner’s Spin Cycle, which will be located in the Clearwater Plaza – are expected to open by the end of January or early February 2024. Submitted Photo

Adam said he feels the gym has the potential to make a substantial impact.

“It promotes a fun atmosphere with life-changing results that are based on functional, intensive, resistance exercises,” he said. “We will do special classes we donate to local charities and military needs and bring a positive energy to the whole community.”

New venture No. 2
In addition to a new gym, DCEDC also assisted the Dorners in planning a second business, which will also be built in the plaza – a laundromat called Dorner’s Spin Cycle. 

“My wife and I are also in the construction phase of building a laundromat,” Adam said. “I have been working on laundromat plans for the past year and a half and while seeking out a location, I was introduced to Clearwater Plaza, which had a couple of spaces available.”

The laundromat, Adam said, will be open to the public and offer a wash-and-fold service.

“Dorner’s Spin Cycle will be a clean, warm space for the community to come and meet their laundry needs,” he said.

Teamwork makes the dream work 
Working together to grow their businesses, the Dorners said they are excited for the future – citing teamwork as a stepping stone to success, with each of them playing an important role within each sector of their businesses. 

“We each have strengths,” Adam said. “Kristi will be the general fitness manager of the FIRE Fitness Camp, and I will be there coaching the morning classes.”

Adam said he will also manage the cleaning business and laundromat, and together they will continue to oversee their short-term rentals.

Kristi will also continue to work part-time as a registered nurse.

“Every day, we can accomplish anything with hard work, dedication and perseverance,” Adam said.

Though they will each have a hand in the businesses, Adam said they will be looking to hire employees to help with the upkeep.

“Without great people to run the operations of each business, I would not be able to continue creating opportunities for people in the community, while also having the flexibility to spend time with my family,” he said.

As a business owner, Adam said the biggest challenge is finding the “right people to work with you and share in your vision.”

“It is up to us to find the right people to fit in each business to help make everyone’s life easier, and helping my employees to grow in my business is a rewarding feeling,” he said.

Adam said he enjoys building and creating new opportunities, and “FIRE Fitness Camp and Dorner’s Spin Cycle are two opportunities that will make a huge difference in this community and for my family.”

Construction of both Sturgeon Bay facilities was slated to begin last week, with both expected to open by the end of January or early February 2024.

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