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We are just getting started, West Central Wisconsin

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January 22, 2024

Hello West Central readers –

By now, I imagine you have noticed the changes that have accompanied the newest issue of The Business News – great things are happening!

As of the first of the year, the three editions of The Business News – Northeast, North Central and West Central – have been reunited under the Dickman Media Group umbrella and Publisher Megan Dickman Renard.

As the editor of the Northeast edition, I will also serve as the editor of North Central and West Central.

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to lead these incredible publications into the future – bringing my more than 20 years of journalism experience to the strongly-supported publications.

I look forward to continuing the pieces that already make it great while adding things to further its strong mission.

This first issue is just the beginning.

The Business News team has been working hard over the last few weeks to relaunch The Business News West Central edition with the same knowledge, integrity, professionalism and passion we have been doing with the Northeast edition.

My goal for the West Central edition is to intentionally keep readers in mind as we fill the pages of each issue and showcase the amazing businesses and business leaders that call West Central Wisconsin home while digging deeper into what’s next.

A fresh look

As you page through this first West Central issue of 2024, you’ll notice a few design changes – to provide an enjoyable flow and easy readability.

First and foremost, story teasers have been moved from page three to the front page to give readers an immediate peek of what they’ll find inside.

Though industry-specific pages no longer exist, each issue will continue to showcase the wide range of industries operating in West Central Wisconsin.

This allows for flexibility in sharing stories that are both industry-specific and showcasing the meaningful intersections between industries

In place of stock information from the previous week, we are now including market indicators, which aim to help readers plan for what’s on the horizon in terms of the market.

Drawing on the publication’s strong foundation, my team’s goal is to broaden the publication’s scope by focusing on staff-written content and expanding our talented pool of freelancers and guest columnists.

Each issue will also include a Business in Brief section that highlights newsworthy tidbits happening throughout the region across industries – from finance to health care and everything in between.

What won’t change is the publication’s values, high standards and continued focus on the region’s business community – together, we can accomplish great things in West Central Wisconsin.

A bit more about me

I grew up in Central Wisconsin, in a small village just outside of Antigo, called Aniwa. 

After graduating from Antigo High School, I moved to Green Bay for college.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with an emphasis in print journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and have been working in the media industry ever since – minus a few years as a stay-at-home mom to my kiddos.

With a younger sister and a daughter living in the Twin Cities, I have made several trips across the state – often stopping in the many communities in the West Central Wisconsin region along the way.

The beautiful landscapes of the area are breathtaking and no doubt serve as a great backdrop for the equally impressive businesses that reside there.

Though I admit I am not as familiar with the western half of the Badger State as I am with the North Central or Northeast, I am eager to learn more as I share the stories of the many businesses and organizations that call it home.

I’m an avid Green Bay Packers fan – and a recent Wisconsin Badgers fan as my son is now a proud member of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band, Go Badgers!

I have five children – ranging in age from 25 to 6 – with much of my free time devoted to them and their activities.

I’m a big fan of Ted Lasso and Doctor Who and often slip in anecdotes from the shows into daily conversations.

Okay, enough about me… tell me about you.

I am always open to ideas and look forward to talking with the many people who make West Central Wisconsin the exceptional place I do not doubt that it is.

Is your business expanding?

Tell me more.

Did you hire new employees, or promote within?

Share their information with me.

Did your business win an award or recognition?

Send the details to my inbox.

Is someone in your business making a difference in the community?

I’d love to hear more.

Interested in contributing as a guest columnist?

Reach out so we can discuss.

Feel free to share your stories with me so I may share them with the West Central business community.

Please feel free to reach out – – at any time.

We are just getting started, West Central Wisconsin.

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