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KI’s WiggleRoom accredited as Certified Autism Resources

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July 26, 2023

GREEN BAY – KI’s WiggleRoom and WiggleRoom Super Structure products recently received accreditation as Certified Autism Resources (CAR) by IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards). 

The accreditation indicates that these products meet the needs of individuals with autism. 

It also identifies the company as a trusted provider of products to a network of therapists, educators and parents of people with autism.

“We’re pleased to achieve this certification for our WiggleRoom products,” Nathan Quintal, product marketing manager for KI, said. “This gives us the ability to act as a resource for a growing segment of our population that will benefit from a calming environment that is conducive to focus and recovery from overstimulation.”

The need for accredited CAR products is on the rise as the CDC recently published new data indicating an increase in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Designed for a single user, WiggleRoom is a customizable pod that offers a distraction free place within an open space.

WiggleRoom Super Structure is a customizable, multi-user space for anywhere from two to eight users that provides acoustic and visual privacy. 

Both products feature sound-absorbing panels and magnetically sealed doors to create acoustic privacy.

The acoustic privacy allows a student, client or office worker to break away from sensory overloaded environments to find peace and calm, focus and to connect with others. 

The structures can be placed within existing environments to create a room within a room, offering a more controlled environment within a larger setting. 

WiggleRoom products also offer a user-controlled lighting system and ventilation fans inside the space for user comfort.

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