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Let’s get ready to ‘Crumbl!’

First Green Bay area Crumbl Cookies location set to open in early January

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December 14, 2022

ASHWAUBENON – The wait is nearly over.

The much-anticipated opening of Crumbl Cookies in Ashwaubenon – the first in the Green Bay area – is closer to becoming a reality after recent supply-chain issues have been resolved – that’s according to Tom Mabey, director of development for Crumbl Cookies.

“It’s been a process, but it looks like things are finally coming to fruition,” Mabey said of the Utah-based cookie maker’s opening in Ashwaubenon. “Crumbl requires a specific type of oven and mixers, and some of the suppliers haven’t been able to keep up – Crumbl is growing so quickly. We just got word the ovens will be shipping out later this month, so we should be good to go in January.”

Mabey said either Jan. 5 or 12 is slated as the projected opening date, with Jan. 12 the more likely of the two.

“We know people are excited about Crumbl Cookies coming to Ashwaubenon – and they should be – but we needed to do it right,” he said. “Many businesses across the country have had similar supply chain issues.”

Mabey said the first week in January is typically Crumbl Cookies’ worst week of the year to sell cookies.

“The opening date is kind of ironic, isn’t it?” he laughed. “People have been waiting for the Ashwaubenon store to open, but because the holiday season will just be completed when the opening is planned, it’s not the greatest time of year for our business. People are still coming off their sugar high from the holidays and are still into their New Year’s resolutions. It takes a few weeks for our business to get back to normal. It’s the busiest weeks of the year at the gym and the slowest weeks of the year for Crumbl Cookies.”

Mabey said it’s hoped the hype surrounding the opening will help counteract that downward trend.
How it all began
Mabey said the cookie empire has seen quite the growth since its modest start in 2017.

According to the company’s website, Crumbl was co-founded by cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley.

After thousands of dollars in wasted dough and recipes that did not live up to their expectations, the duo took their “perfect cookie quest” to the people.

The Green Bay area’s first Crumbl Cookies – located next to Mission BBQ in Ashwaubenon on Oneida Street – is scheduled to open Jan. 5 or 12. Photo courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

They gathered feedback and tested recipes – a practice that Mabey said is still part of the Crumbl process today.

“From that modest beginning in Logan, Utah in 2017, there are now more than 600 bakeries in almost every state nationwide,” Mabey said. “We also recently opened our first store in Canada and have plans to open more worldwide in the future – that’s part of the plan.”

Why so popular?
Besides their larger-than-cookie-life size and aesthetic appearance, Mabey said “Crumbl Cookies taste good.”

“There are many factors as to why Crumbl Cookies are so popular,” he said. “Many companies offer large cookies, but ours are baked in-house, at the location every day. Our warm cookies are baked within hours of when they are sold to you. We dress them as they get ordered. We bake them with fresh products – that’s a huge part of our success.”

Mabey said Crumbl also sells chilled cookies.

“Generally, our chilled cookies are usually baked and prepared the day before,” he said. “We’ll put them in the refrigerator, so they’re never frozen. It’s a freshness thing – they’re fantastic. We offer a Crumbl Cookie cutter because you’ll want to try multiple kinds.”

Mabey said the Ashwaubenon store will be his managing group’s 12th store in Wisconsin.

“There are also two more Crumbl Cookies locations in Wisconsin – in Fond du Lac and Sheboygan – that are owned by another management group,” he said. “Right now, the Appleton store (4353 W. Wisconsin Ave.) is by far the most successful one we have in our group.”

Tom Mabey

Mabey said he expects the Ashwaubenon store to be “right up there in sales.”

“From our past experience, we know lots of people who come to Appleton from Green Bay make a stop at Crumbl,” he said. “We know it might affect a little bit of business in Appleton, but we want to increase our fan base all over – and the Green Bay area is a perfect choice.”

Mabey said a lot of research goes into where to build.

“It’s been more difficult the last couple of years when trying to find the right location,” he said. “You want to be in a center that’s accessible and be in a place that will support the product. It’s also been hard to find places to rent – that perfect need. The Crumbl in Ashwaubenon will also have a drive-thru.”

Aaron Schuette, community development director for Ashwaubenon, said he “literally gets asked two or three times per week ‘when will Crumbl Cookies open?’”

“This has been one of the most anticipated openings in Ashwaubenon I can remember for several months,” he said. “Certainly not since Chick-fil-A opened earlier this year (March 10). Personally, I’ve made the trip to Appleton to get the cookies – they are popular in many households.”

The first Crumbl Cookies began in Logan, Utah, in 2017 – now there are more than 600 stores in almost every state nationwide. The company also recently opened its first store in Canada. Photo courtesy of Crumbl Cookies 

Schuette said the location next to Mission BBQ is ideal.

“Being on the corner of Cormier (Road) and South Oneida, it’s the pre-eminent retail strip in Brown County, and perhaps in Northeast Wisconsin,” he said. “It’s definitely a location national chains gravitate to because of the visibility and the recognition. It has great access from both Cormier and Oneida. If the stores in Appleton and Madison are any indication, the new store is going to do great.”

For more information on Crumbl Cookies, visit

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