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Neenah restaurant celebrates 20 years with rebranding

Batley’s Grill & Bar is connected to Best Western Premier Bridgewood Resort Hotel and Conference Center

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November 28, 2023

NEENAH – In an effort to reflect its commitment to innovation, enhanced dining experiences and community engagement, the Ground Round Grill & Bar – the restaurant connected to the Best Western Premier Bridgewood Resort Hotel and Conference Center in Neenah for the past 20 years – has undergone a rebrand, which includes a new name.

General Manager Ryan Batley said the restaurant will now be known as Batley’s Grill & Bar (1010 Cameron Way).

Batley said the rebrand also includes a fresh look, added menu items and some new amenities.

“We felt it was a perfect time where we could move to an independent (non-franchised restaurant) and have a little more freedom with our menu development and marketing,” he said. “It was a good time for us to move on from the (Ground Round) brand.”

Batley said a restaurant rebrand has been discussed for several years.

“It’s been a slow process,” he said. “When you think about all that has to go into it, it’s a lot of work to get things changed over. It wasn’t a decision we took lightly – it’s probably been a two-plus-year process. We’ve had 20 years of being known in the community as Ground Round, so we wanted to make sure it was the right decision for us and the community.”

Though “it’s been a ton of work,” Batley said he and the staff are excited about the new chapter in the restaurant’s development.

The rebranding included an update to the restaurant’s interior. Submitted Photo

“Twenty years in the restaurant industry does not happen without a great team and the unwavering support of friends and the local community,” he said. “The support and excitement we have already heard is something we are tremendously grateful for.”

Rebrand changes
For starters, Batley said the logo and website have been transformed to reflect the change.

“We’ve slowly started changing the logos within our facility, some of the posters, digital marketing, eventually our uniforms, name tags, etc.,” he said. “It might take a bit longer – but hopefully, in the first quarter of 2024 – (we’ll) get our interstate sign and logo on the building changed.”

Batley said a new limited-time offer menu was also recently unveiled.

“It’s an Asian-themed menu,” he said. “That’s the first transition in our menu development. As we get into the first quarter of next year, we’ll fully revamp our core menu – breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Batley said a key highlight of the rebranding included the restaurant’s interior being updated.

“The interior refresh has been ongoing over the last couple of years,” he said. “We’ve painted, added color décor, did more updates and reinvested back into the dining room and lounge.”

Batley said the most extensive renovations were done outside the restaurant.

“Strand lights were added across the whole patio, we have a few new fire pits – now four in total – so you can dine and eat around the patio and we added a Rainbow Playground set,” he said. “That’s been a huge hit with our hotel/wedding guests and the locals who come with their children. Parents enjoy sitting on the patio while watching their kids play in the playground.”

As part of the rebranding, the playground also got an upgrade. Submitted Photo

Additionally, a basketball hoop and two giant checkerboards, Connect Four and Jenga were added, Batley said.

“We also have cornhole toss,” he said. “It’s family-friendly – the patio was a big hit this summer with those additions and will be great for guests going forward.”

Batley said the restaurant is the first thing folks see when they enter the combined parking lot.

“After entering (the building), there’s a hallway connected to the conference center, and then that hallway continues to some more meeting space and the hotel,” he said. “It’s super convenient for our guests.”

Batley said his family’s connection to the Fox Valley – born and raised in the area – has helped with potential problems – or lack thereof – with the rebrand.

“We’ve been the operators since day one,” he said. “A lot of people always associated Ground Round with the Batley family, and we take a lot of pride in being active in the community with our business and other organizations/nonprofits. I don’t think there has been a ton of confusion, but with how much searching is done online, we’ve tried to make sure we are alleviating any issues.”

Batley said the restaurant will continue accepting Ground Round gift certificates and gift cards and continue with its daily specials and loyalty program.

Modest beginnings
Going back 20-plus years, Batley said he can thank his father for getting him involved with the business.

“I’m a second-generation owner,” Batley said. “My dad started Bridgewood, and what we have here is a bit more than 20 years (old). He worked for Bergstrom Hotels for 25 years and was overseeing its three hotels for them near the end. They decided to sell the hotels and focus on their car dealership, which obviously, has turned out to be a fantastic decision for them.”

Ryan Batley

Batley said his dad was then offered a job with the car dealership.

“That wasn’t where his passion and heart was, so at 50 years old, he was without a job,” he said. “The Bridgewood Golf Course land, where our property now sits, was for sale. We got Grandpa, Grandma, aunts, uncles and anyone else who would support us, got some money together and bought the golf course.”

From there, Batley said some of the land was sold off.

“We sold the land where the condos are and where the apartments are behind us to get some equity to work with – then we developed what is here now (with Bridgewood),” he said. “It includes the grill and bar, 10,000 square feet of meeting space and 95 guest rooms.”

Batley said he has moved up the ranks over the years and has been the general manager for the entire facility for six years.

“I started on the golf course as a greens keeper,” he said. “My second job with us was as a fry cook. That’s where my start in the hospitality industry was. Then I went through all the roles in the restaurant learning the industry, slowly but surely falling in love with it. I have a lot of passion and energy for the restaurant. I enjoy the food and beverage part of it.”

To learn more about Batley’s Grill & Bar, visit or find it on Facebook. 

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