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Four owners, four children, four years

4 Treasures Adventure Park aims to provide children dedicated space to play

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June 24, 2024

EAU CLAIRE – For many parents, having a dedicated space where their children can play and burn energy is a big priority.

When neighbors Quincy and Kayla Turpin and Joe and Sara David realized they had to travel to provide that opportunity for their combined four children, Quincy said they knew it was up to them to bring a kids play space of some kind to Eau Claire.

“(The Davids) have two kids, and we’ve got two kids…,” he said. “We’re always taking them to different places, (and) we ended up going to a play park (outside of Eau Claire) – that’s how it began… all four of us said, ‘oh my gosh, this is a great idea. Eau Claire needs one of these.’”

The couples came up with the idea for the business about four years ago, but Quincy said it took a bit to get things figured out – partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding the right building, he said, also proved difficult.

“The biggest thing for us was trying to find the right building with the right height… along with location and parking,” he said.

Two years ago, Quincy said they finally found the perfect spot – 2615 Mall Drive in Eau Claire.

The owners said they expect to open the park by November or December of this year – just in time for Christmas break for most children.

And though opening a new business can be nerve wracking, Quincy said he and Kayla are grateful to work alongside the Davids.

“Everybody has different ideas, and the more ideas involved, the better,” he said. “It’s a lot better, especially going in with another family… (but), it’s worked out great.”

It’s playtime

During the adventure park planning process, Quincy said it was important to all four owners to have different spaces for different age groups so each could play safely and comfortably.

The adventure park will include a playspace for children ages two and under, which will include a slide with a ball pit and a mini trampoline. Submitted Rendering

The toddler section, he said, is designed for kiddos aged two and under and will include:

  • An interactive wall
  • Foam building blocks
  • A slide with a ball pit
  • Climbers
  • Mini trampoline
  • Merry-go-round

“We wanted to keep away the more rambunctious kids from the smaller kids so they’re not knocking them over,” he said. 

The older children will have a larger area, which Quincy said will have various play options, such as:

  • A four-lane wave slide
  • A donut slide with a tube
  • Additional slides and climbers
  • Tunnels
  • A ball blaster area
  • Pirate ship play area

“Along with that, there is also going to be a little ninja course consisting of balance- and agility-type play and will include two full-size warped walls,” he said. 

The fun, Quincy said, doesn’t stop there. 

In addition to the age-group areas, he said there will also be an arcade and a “my town” area, which will have a small bicycle track and imaginative playhouses and businesses. 

While there are different sections, Quincy said the entire space is open, allowing parents to have a good view of everything from the dedicated sitting area.

Some food and beverage items will also be available on-site.

The company the owners are buying the playsets from will also put the playsets together, but Quincy said they will also try to help where they can to expedite the process.

“The way we ordered the structure is we sent them the schematics of the building, and then they had a computer program and placed everything in there to our liking,” he said. “Hopefully, everything fits properly.”

The idea for 4 Treasures Adventure Park came about after the couples realized there wasn’t a dedicated play space for children in the Eau Claire area. Submitted Rendering

Pricing for the adventure park is still in the works, but Quincy said they hope to offer monthly and annual memberships, as well as specific discount days.

“We want to make them affordable for everybody, and we don’t want to break the bank,” he said. 

Good for parents, too

With various play areas to keep children entertained and burn off energy, Quincy said he, Kayla and the Davids hope 4 Treasures Adventure Park satisfies the needs of the community and provides a place for parents to unwind and connect.

“Every parent is looking for that – to get the energy out of their kid,” he said. “Get the kids to calm down a little bit and maybe for you to get time yourself to relax. The nice thing about this is, the kids are playing, having a little independence for themselves and making friends. As a parent, you can sit back, relax or make some friends, too.”

Quincy said it’s also important to both families that the facility is clean and safe – just as they would want for their own kids.

The response from the Greater Eau Claire community, Quincy said, has already been “pretty crazy.”

“(It was) more than we expected,” he said. “It’s been wonderful – we’re getting good insights from what people are saying (and) taking account of a lot of things. Their response has been phenomenal.”

It’s coming up in 4’s

Coming up with the name 4 Treasures Adventure Park, Quincy said, wasn’t hard to do – especially since the number four tends to be the main theme of the business.

“Four adults, four children… and it took four years,” he said. “The number four was all in that.”

To stay up to date on the adventure park as it moves toward opening, visit its Facebook page. 

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