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Developers start work on final set of TitletownHomes

Planning already underway for future residential development in area

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January 12, 2023

ASHWAUBENON – The Titletown District might be most well known for its proximity to Lambeau Field and for its restaurants and recreational opportunities, but it’s also a place people call home.

Three years after construction began on Titletown’s townhomes, Titletown Development LLC recently announced construction on the final planned set of six TitletownHomes has begun – the last step in the initial phase of residential development at Titletown.

“We’re extremely excited,” Charlie Millerwise, the Green Bay Packers director of development and hospitality, said. “This project has been a wild ride, and then with the (COVID-19) pandemic thrown into the middle of it, along with a volatile housing market – it’s been a journey.”

Since opening in 2017, Titletown has offered guests recreational opportunities, such as ice skating, tubing, a playground, interactive games and a full-length synthetic-turf football field.

Lodge Kohler, Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant and The Turn (a golf simulator) offer other amenities.

In addition, Associated Bank, TitletownTech, U.S. Venture Center and Bellin Health Sports Medicine and Orthopedics have also taken up residency in the district.?

“We want to make the district a place where people come to play and live,” Millerwise said. “We still have more townhomes coming, but this is the last park-side set. We’ve found good success with the move-in ready units, so that’s what we’re going to go with on these – have them ready to roll for next football season, probably around Halloween.”

Steady interest
Millerwise said there are already a couple of buyers interested.

“We’re optimistic there will be plenty of interest after we get through the holidays,” he said.

With construction on the initial set of TitletownHomes beginning a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Millerwise said interest in living at Titletown has remained steady throughout the construction process.  

“It’s been great,” he said. “Nobody knew what the world was going to be like when we went into the pandemic, but now we’ve sold through that entire inventory.”

Millerwise said the interest in TitletownHomes has exceeded expectations, even amid the challenges of the last several years.

 In this aerial view of the Titletown District, you can see where the last set of TitletownHomes will be built – to the extreme right of the photo in the middle. Photo courtesy of Green Bay Packers/Titletown

“The real estate market has been anything but predictable,” he said, “but having the townhomes planned and ready to go as homeowners purchased them helped us navigate the pandemic smoothly – we’re pleased with the results.”

The six additional homes are being constructed on the north side of Brookwood Drive, in the northwest corner adjacent to Titletown Flats and the Grand Stairs.

The addition of this set of residences, Millerwise said, will bring the total from 29 townhomes to 35.

“If you go down Brookwood Drive, which is the street that runs through our residential (area), we’ve got the north side of the street and the south side of the street,” he said. “On the north side, the backyards butt up against Titletown – those have been the most popular, most luxurious and have the higher price point. We’ll be finishing off the north side of (Brookwood).”

Looking forward
Millerwise said planning is already underway for future additional residential development, with a variety of concepts being considered, including condominiums and multi-family residences.

“We’re contemplating what our next construction project is going to be there,” he said. “It’ll be more residential – we’re evaluating what that product is going to be. We recently commissioned a study to check what the inventory looks like in the Green Bay market and decide what we’re going to do – whether that’s more townhomes or condos, but we’ll probably change that product up some on the south side of the street.”

Millerwise said there is still approximately 100,000 square feet of future commercial and retail space ready for development in the north part of the Titletown District, plus additional space for further residential development.

“On the north side of Titletown along Lombardi (Avenue), we still have a plot of land we’re going to begin developing,” he said. “As part of the market study, we took an inventory of what would be a good fit in the market. We’ve always had fitness and more hospitality in mind – meaning more restaurants to add vibrancy to Titletown.”

// Millerwise

Millerwise said Titletown has also seen success with the need for office space.

“I think we’ll end up with a multi-story set of buildings that have lower-level retail with an upper-level office,” he said. “Again, it helps bring density to Titletown, which I think helps everybody – people want to be here and love it.”

Lots of amenities
Millerwise said people love the combination of work and play Titletown offers.

“We see lots of people coming out of the office and enjoying the amenities – both midday for a stroll during lunch or after work,” he said. “It’s becoming this community we’ve been striving for. We’re hitting our fifth anniversary this year being open – it’s rewarding to see it all take shape.”

Millerwise said the Packers also own the land Cabela’s sits on and the parcel next to it.

“The remaining land, we do not own until you get past the gas station on Marlee Lane,” he said. “We’re not necessarily pursuing more land – we have plenty of land we have yet to develop. It’s been at a good pace. It’s been methodically paced, and we’re happy with where we sit.”

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